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Helping employees unburden financial stress.



Heard these before?

“Marami sa amin, baon sa utang.”
“Our employees are interested to invest but don’t know how to start.”

Increasing salary alone is not enough to help our employees with their financial problems.”



Phase 1: FQ Education

As a first step to having financially-equipped employees, we conduct an FQ Workshop that tackles one’s relationship with money and what we can do to improve it.

We partner with the Company’s HR and Leadership Team to better profile and batch employees to make their FQ Workshop more relevant and actionable.


FQ Workshop

FQ Tools

FQ Book

Certificate for FQ Workshop Completion



FQ Workshops


SMX Convention Center,
SM Aura for over 600 participants

Conducted in a company office
for a smaller batch of participants




Phase 2: FQ Transformation

After FQ Education, this is where we provide recommendations on how to better manage the employees’ money and unburden them from financial stress.


FQ Diagnosis Report

FQ Transformation Recommendations

FQ Architecture

Automatic Savings and Investment System





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Let’s talk about the elephant in the room — money.